Pestyuk Cheslav is a swindler, fraudster and scammer: Questra/AGAM founder

Pestyuk Cheslav

Cheslav Pestyuk (Minsk, Byelorussia). His birth date is allegedly March 14, 1985 (though some different data has been encountered). Minsk, Byelorussia, the current address is to be determined. Passport series and number: Р В РЎв„ўР В 1895767. Skype account: ldcapitall, old Skype account: zefircik99. Phone numbers: +375 29 58075 22, +375 29 8676171, + 7905 5970676. A veteran fraudster, and not only in the financial sector, there’s a lot of stories about this character like the one below:

Hi everyone, I’ve known this person (Cheslav Yuryevich) since December 2010. I believed his tales that he’d help me make a great deal of money, and he sold hugely expensive advice packages, which led to losses in the end. The result was a lost deposit of $700 + trade stopped on time with loss of $300 + purchase of advice packages with the total cost of approximately 500 bucks as well, the total amount is about $1500 lost, or rather earned by this scammer, not to mention the lost deposit, but he was happy with the spreads as he told me all the way to increase the lot). I used to be silent and not to say anything, but now I’m boiling over already, and I want to tell everybody that on his site he is now uploading advice packages, which he gets for free and sells for money. Essentially, the same thing happened to me before that. When I told him not to fool people, he then removed me from his Skype contacts. I have all the history of our correspondence from Skype, and can also present the videos he sent me with instructions. Also, there is a person who I brought there, and who lost his deposit due to his recommendations too. Also, there is a history of trading according to his recommendations. Be careful with that man, I think he just profits off of spreads and doesn’t have money of his own, like he says in his video that he has 100K bucks, and look at the PAMM account, how much money there is in it, and what his trade is like. Download these advice packages from the net for free, and don’t listen, he will make you lose everything. I started getting profits only after I stopped listening to him and began sorting things out myself, don’t waste your time on him, sort things out yourself, this isn’t a person to have anything to do with. Maybe someone will see my testimonial, as when I looked for testimonials about him at some point, there were not any.PS He also has a site about going out of body and astral flying, I also had a chance to talk with one client of his who used to pay him all the way but didn’t succeed at going out, and then abandoned it, his second scam is on the website

Connected persons:
In the process of being established; he separates his personal life from his professional fraudster’s career efficiently enough.

Connection with the old team and the old frauds:
He had started his career of a fraudster a long time ago, and has had a chance to engage literally in everything: trading (stealing investors’ money), psychology, astral travels, magic, selling all sorts of courses related to magic and out-of-body experiences, he showed himself off in MMM, and later, together with Aleksandr Prochukhan, engaged in creating financial pyramids in the territory of Ukraine and Russia, and on the Internet. There is a great deal of testimonials about his extensive criminal biography. Together with Prochukhan, they become the thought leaders of the financial pyramid, and Cheslav Pestyuk assumes the role of the mastermind in terms of conning the crowds (his experience in psychology and in zombification of people has an impact here).

The fraudster Cheslav Pestyuk’s input into the development of Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management:
The investors in Ukraine recognized the fraudster Cheslav Pestyuk’s hand at once, and when Konstantin Mamchur passed under the control of the boss (Pestyuk) officially, the latter took him under his patronage and started helping him expand into Ukraine (become a skilled hand at it).

Later, Cheslav Pestyuk began transferring the experience into the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan – through Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzhurayev. There are other members of the criminal group under Pestyuk’s direct control, the same Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzhurayev. 

A historical video of the fraudster Cheslav Pestyuk and his workmate Aleksandr Prochukhan’s activities, and excerpts from the video:

Interesting photos and videos with Cheslav Pestyuk in the Questra World and AGAM fraud:

In the "Backupsand Information Sources" section there is an archive of all theaccomplices, including data about Cheslav Pestyuk and a backup of hispage in the VK social network. Р В Р’ Р’ Р’ Р’ Р’ Р Р‹Р Р†РІР‚љВ¬Р В Р’°Р В±Р В»Р С•Р Р…С‹ Р В РўвЂР В Р’»РЎРЏ dle 11.2


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